How to test that you are doing ‘AGILE TESTING’?

There are some stories that some companies or teams say they are following ‘Agile Testing’ methodologies in Software Development process but they are not sure if they have been following the process properly or not. There are project specific requirements for which specific process to follow in the development. But once we start to follow a process (say Agile Testing), we need to check if we have been following it properly or not on regular basis.

Agile Testing
Agile Testing is integrated part of the software development – it’s not just a separate phase. As the Agile Software Development is incremental and should be flexible enough to adapt the changes, the Agile Testing is also an incremental one and also should be flexible enough to adapt the changes that might be brought in the software. Another major feature of Agile Testing is once we follow this method, Test/QA team should be providing a regular deliverables – let’s say at least once in a sprint test team should deliver part 1/part 2/ part 3 or whole feature has been tested fully.

Well, that’s all about the definition. In the course of development, especially due to deadlines or various other factors, team might be sidetracked from Agile Testing methodologies. If we do not notice the team being side-tracked earlier, it might be costlier later.
The following are the questions which can help if a team is following Agile Testing –

  • Are you testing the tool and providing regular deliverables?
  • Is the Scrum being held on regular basis (at least 3 times a week)?
  • Is everyone in the team is attending the meeting regularly?
  • Are you keeping an eye of testing back-logs and raising them in the meetings on regular basis?
  • Are you getting feedback from customers/users for the features you have implemented on the regular basis (usually in every sprint)?
  • Are you doing the regression test on regular basis (usually once a week – depends on project)?
  • Are you tallying the requirement from client and actual feature implemented on regular basis (at least once in a sprint)?
  • Are you considering the priority and severity of bugs on regular basis?

If any of the answers for the above questions is NO, you’ve gotta do something from being sidetracked from Agile Path. If all of the answers for the above questions are YES, you are following Agile Testing … enjoy it.

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