About Me

Hello World !!!

After working as Software Development Engineer in Test for around four years, I have started writing blog on Software Testing, Software Quality. I have been doing research on Software Testing and Quality for a while and will share these things in my blog in a near future.

This era has already kissed the peak of Software Beauty. Almost all systems in developed nations are already Software based. Developing and poor nations are also in a way to implement Software System in many sectors. The use of software has already expanded from simple to critical systems (hospitals, banks, government, many more). More areas Software cover, more challenges we face to maintain the quality. More the users of Software, more challenges to maintain its security and quality.  Those challenges have attracted me to stick into Software Testing and Quality world.

I am currently working for Microsoft, Redmond, United States as SDET on contract. Prior to this, I worked for Microsoft, Beijing, China as SDET on contract for 3.5 years. My primary roles are to write Automation Tools for Software Testing, do various aspects of Software Testing, maintaining Software Quality, etc. In my free time, I like to do research, write blog about Software Testing/Software Quality.  I worked as Software Engineer for 2.5 years in Verisk Information Technologies, Nepal.

I worked as a  part time lecturer in Hebei University of Technology, China and Himalayan Engineering College, Nepal.

Regarding my academic qualification, I completed Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Beihang University, Beijing and Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus, IOE, Nepal.

I have been doing research on Software Testing, Software Quality. If you are interested in similar area and are willing to share some knowledge,

please write an email to ananta01 AT hotmail DOT com.

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